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Bee products in the untouched deserts of Arizona, without fillers, antibiotics, and preservatives.Forever Bee Propolis aloe-bee-propolisbuttonPropolis can be a substance guard, collected and utilized by bees to preserve the purity with the hive.“Propolis is really a gummy substance produced by bees, somewhat just like amber,” wrote Dioscorides Pedanius - a court physician of Roman emperors Nero and Vespasian - the same doctor who is known to describe many properties of aloe. It’s not just a surprising idea that both propolis and aloe vera pulp were so highly recognized among the first of the great herbalists - during those times, it was necessary to fight a big problem of various infections. Seeking refuge in nature, humanity has received to wait almost the year 2000 years to the invention on antibiotics. Today, although the various synthetic substances with antibacterial properties are at our fingertips, were more likely to reach for the old, proven measures.With richer information about drug resistance and negative effects of antibiotics, we toss aside the existing world means of personal healthcare without disturbing the natural biological balance our own bodies. The more much like propolis will be the substances that we put into the body, the harder preventive and supportive these are.Forever Living Products offers propolis of exceptional purity.• Naturally increases resistance• Enriched with Royal Jelly • No artificial colors or preservativesaloe-bee-royal-jellyForever Royal JellyRoyal jelly is one of the most unique creations of nature, and not simply because nature made it for that hive queen. In particular, it deserves admiration for its helpful nutrients as well as the balance together. In time, Royal Jelly gained the title of “elixir of life” since it’s been learned that it contains over twenty microelements ( such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, and manganese), most of the essential amino acids, and also other nutrients. In addition, it has free essential fatty acids, enzymes, and almost a complete set of vitamins, particularly the B-group, of which pantothenic acid deserves special attention, because it is present in all living tissues. It was found out that the acid is within great amounts within the bee jelly, naturally concentrated, that is explained by the idea that the queen with the hive feeds and lives to up to seven years, as the bee-worker lives a month. Discovered later in royal jelly were nucleic acids, which confirmed this theory of “life”, because as you know, additionally, they affect the prolongation of life.Patients regularly utilize this wonderful gift of nature to enhance their general condition, increasing resilience and also the ability to come back to physical and intellectual stability. Not to be underestimated is the undeniable fact that after some time of taking royal jelly, it's possible to expect significantly improved resistance and look, the jelly contains ingredients which work on skin regeneration. For even better results, it's good to combine Forever Royal Jelly (http://www.foreveraloes.eu/produkt/mleczko-pszczele-forever-forever-royal-jelly )while using naturally stabilized Aloe Vera Gel, as within the operation, both of these natural substances complement the other well, and occasionally intensify the other person’s effects on your body.• Improves mental and physical health• Revives memory and intellectual function• Supports the immune systemaloe-bee-honeyForever Bee Honey Honey is really a gourmet treasure chest of benefits; natural carbohydrates make Forever Bee Honey an incredible source of quick energy.The company Forever Living Products has something very special for the sophisticated taste - a sweet delicacy straight in the bees. However, one cannot appreciated the complete value of Forever Bee Honey by its taste alone. Honey carries a quite extraordinary energy resources (note - measured in calories!), that is not surprising since in order to produce one kilo, bees must visit from 750,000 to three million flowers! Each teaspoon of honey may be the result of incredible effort of many bees that yield it to your specific treatment before they'll place it inside honeycomb.If we would like to take full advantage of this wealth, it is best to blend honey with pure, naturally stabilized Aloe Vera Gel. It is no coincidence both these gifts of nature are available side by side by Forever Living Products. It’s hard to resist the impression that both from the products gain strength in conjunction with the other.• Adds strength and energy• Used regularly, strengthens the immune system• Promotes digestion

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